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All of this, is for you. Everything I do. It's crazy how much music can make you feel. It's crazy how much one person that doesn't even know who you are can mean to you. Thankyou so very much for spending your precious time reading this and/or reblogging any of my posts! Ask me anything and I’ll be sure to reply back. <3 stay fearless and speak now Flawless Swiftie(s) Sparkling





This is falling in love in the cruelest way, this is falling for you and you are worlds away.

This is falling in love in the cruelest way, this is falling for you and you are worlds away.

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I apologise for not keeping them posted for quite a while now. Somehow my account got several viruses and it was a struggle to get my account and password back.
I'm still not sure if the issue is resolved, even though I have changed my password a number of times but we'll see how I go.
Because my blog looks completely wack right now I'm changing it around so if you're viewing it in the next few days I'm sorry if it looks pretty messed up. It's legit so embarrassing because the last time I completely changed it around was a few years ago.
As I'm making my blog much bigger I'd like to get involved with you more. Please let me know if you want your URL shared on my Tumblr as I will have a separate page of good blogs. Or even if you want to talk or a follow back if I'm not already. Also, if you are to do so choose the Ask button on the top bar because the ask box on the right side bar doesn't work.


Mama Swift was telling us how Taylor puts her heart into every song she writes and that the most heart wrenching song she has ever written was All Too Well. This is my all time favorite song so I held on to every word being spoken. She told us that Taylor wrote All Too Well…

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"She&#8217;s just a very warm soul.”–Ed Sheeran 

"She’s just a very warm soul.”–Ed Sheeran 

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“What is it like when you come back [on tour]? Have you seen your fans evolving?”

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Taylor Swift covering ‘Wonderland’ magazine